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Gosh! It has been two years left. How time is running fast!

I just abandoned this personal blog, even this is one of my first blog in the web. Now, since 2009, I have my personal website-blog addressed on Top Level Domain (TLD). You can access @:

However, my very updated writing on the net still on my daily updated blog @:

For you who want to read my newest writing, please visit those blog. However, thank’s to coming here. I just can’t keep my own promise to updated this personal blog at the near future. At least, I try hard for it.

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Blog Change & Moving

My fellow readers and blog-walkers, I will change this blog become my personal blog. I am in progress to do this. I will move all contents in this blog which related to communication to my new blog:

This blog is under construction also. I hope I can finish this moving so on. But I just worry it won’t as so on as I hope by my self, because of my daily routine bussiness.

At the future, this blog will contain my opinion about interesting problems, especially in my country: Indonesia. It will provide some of my journey or activity also, but only the important one. However, I have no intention to write my diary online. Oh yeah, I will move some posting also from my boosted hits blog:

to my personal blog. Especially if its contain about my daily life. At the early time of blog writing, I used bi-lingual. But now, those blog written in bahasa Indonesia only.

I just try to give you some valuable reading. Hope you will like it. Thank you.

Indonesian Media Criticized

Related to Soeharto funeral covering, some of Indonesian media experts criticized Indonesian media as not put the principle of equality. They said that Soeharto whose accussed as the biggest corruptor in the world exposed on one side only. The side which chosen by media is to show heroism side of him only. As for your information, Soeharto is the longest president of Indonesia. He was at presidency around 32 years. But he got his top position in his country through bloody hidden coup against the first presiden Soekarno.

Whenever he was president, there were many cases related to human rights violence. Maybe you already now about Timor-Timur (our former province which liberated at 2003 through open referendum) or Aceh. He also commanded several action like Petrus (this is Indonesian acronym for “Pembunuhan Misterius” or “Mysterious Killing”). Not only that, since the beginning of his New Order regime, his hand not clean from blood since he indicated to order mass killing to PKI (Partai Komunis Indonesia-Indonesian Communist Party) member & Soekarno’s supporter. But all of that ‘messy thing’ were not appeared on Indonesian media during his funeral covering.

Soeharto Died


Soeharto, the longest former Indonesian President died today on 01.10 PM. He will be burried tommorow with state official military ceremony in his family’s cemetery. All Indonesian bureaucrats visited his body in his family’s house complex at Cendana street, Jakarta. As one of the famous third world leader, his burial ceremony will be attend by several world leaders.

Photo caption: Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono visited Soeharto body. Photo by: Abror Rizky/Presidential Secretariate

Edward Sheriff Curtis Photo Exhibition


Event: Edward Sheriff Curtis Photo Exhibition. Place: Bentara Budaya, Jakarta-Indonesia. Date: January 15-29, 2008. Organizer: United States Embassy in Indonesia.

I was amazed when visiting this photo exhibition. All photos which showed true greatness of pictorial photography. What I most amazed is, those photo taken in the beginning of this century! Wow! How perfect the techniques had by it’s photographer, shown here. As stated in this exhibition brochure, this photographic exhibition explores the extraordinary diversity among Native American peoples, their culture and history, the diversity of American society, and the technical and aesthetic achievement of Edward S. Curtis.

Like the photo shown as illlustration above, shown one Indian ethnic chief using regalia or crown and given title as Crater Lake. The picture like gold, appearing sepia tone color. For you who live in Jakarta, especially who like photography, I think you should visit this exhibition.

Long time enough I am not write in this blog. Today I just want to say “Hi!” for all fellow readers. And I posted one new article about photo exhibition here in my city, Jakarta-Indonesia. Thank you and have a nice weekend… 🙂

Story behind poster making


I found one story about one of the oldest Indonesian printmaking art/poster which I posted before. The poster in black/white was made by Affandi, but the body copy made by Chairil Anwar. Here I translate quotation from Sjuman Djaya book titled Aku (I Am). For Indonesian young generation, this book well-known because in the box-office Indonesian Movie Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (What’s The Matter With Love) the role playing actress Dian Sastrowardoyo has brought and read this book in many scenes.

Chairil come back to studio. His appearance without clothe, has made Dien and other female artist shy. But Chairil continuing his action and stand up in front of Affandi’s poster that showed a man picture raise his hand and scream, Chairil said:

“Ha, look, it must be like this the word we use on it!”

Chairil spraying paint under that wet poster wrote: “Boeng, Ajo Boeng!” (“Man, Come on Man!”). After put his writing, he look at the other artist and said:

“Boeng, Ajo Boeng! How, is it great, isn’t it?”

Without waiting for reply, he was walking away to the front side. But everyone present shaking their head as their way to show their agreement with Chairil contribution into that freedom poster.

For you who don’t know who is Affandi and Chairil Anwar, I think I will write about them later. I will put them on inspirational people category in this blog.

Quotation source: Sjuman Djaya. 2003. Aku: berdasarkan perjalanan hidup dan karya penyair Chairil Anwar. Jakarta: Metafor. p. 63-64. Pointer 70.